Lowered 2013 Challenger R/T

Lowered 2013 Challenger R/T | Customer Build AmericanMuscle Inspires the Muscle Car Community

Pa. (March 8th, 2022) - AmericanMuscle (AM) is back with another episode of its “Customer Builds” YouTube series. The new video shines the light on a lowered 2013 Challenger R/T with a staggered wheel and tire setup. AM’s Adam Maqboul hosts the virtual chat with owner Robert S. going over all the key details of his build and the reasons behind each choice. A complete mods list with additional photos and details can be found on Robert’s dedicated build page at

While Robert’s build is far from complete, he’s made several key appearance and performance upgrades starting with a set of Eibach Sportline Lowering Springs. Robert tackled the job himself using AM’s step-by-step install video and is pleased with the results and the compliments that followed. Next up were staggered wheels and tires along with adjustable camber bushings. Other key mods include a cold air intake, oil separator, exhaust, and an SRT style rear spoiler to add to his overall aesthetic.

“One of the things I admire about your mods list is you're just completely set on what you know you like. You know you got them because you liked the appearance. You got them because it's functional. You got them because you know that you can build on them in the future.” - Adam Maqboul

While the mods list on this 2013 Challenger R/T continues to grow, the current appearance and performance upgrades will inspire muscle car owners to get started on their own ride at home. Viewers are invited to get the full rundown on Robert’s build by heading to his dedicated build page on AM’s website.

View it here:

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