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Every Day Brings New Challengers. At Least That's How I Heard It!

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Lowered 2013 Challenger R/T | Customer Build AmericanMuscle Inspires the Muscle Car Community

Pa. (March 8th, 2022) - AmericanMuscle (AM) is back with another episode of its “Customer Builds” YouTube series. The new video shines the light on a lowered 2013 Challenger R/T with a staggered...

AmericanMuscleChallenger Review MP Concepts Rear Louvers

Forget everything you’ve ever heard about rear window louvers and listen up. These MP Concepts Matte Black Rear Window Louvers look amazing and add accenting angles that are striking!

When the original Challengers came out in 1970 the A44 Backlight Louver Group was not often chosen as an...


WOW! Marc Miller drove this Challenger across the finish line at Circuit of The Americas and into the record books as the 2019 Trans Am TA2 Champion!

It was extremely exciting to interview Marc and his responses are a look inside the mind of a Professional Race Driver. He is a True...


I was a Teenager when I first saw a Challenger and it was love at first sight. From that day on I had always wanted a Hot Pink Challenger. After my husband passed away I didn’t know what to do with myself and decided I wanted my Dream Car. From the moment I drove her I knew her name...Bitchin....


This Dodge Challenger gives a whole new meaning to 'Go on‪ Yellow'! With two wheels up in the air this is one Awesome Beast. As a kid I always wanted to catch some air like this. It’s breathtaking to see! From the first moment I saw the Team JEGS Drag Pak Dodge Challenger I knew I had to see...


The story begins with a Mercedes E350 Coupe, believe it or not! I was looking for a new car, and found a used Mercedes E350 that was priced right, looked perfect, and was ready to buy. Unfortunately for them someone in sales just sold the car to their mother. Seriously? Okay. No more dealings...

Betsy Is A Punisher (1).jpg

I used to have a Dodge Avenger. That was my dream car and I did some nice graphics on it. Everyone always complimented me on it, but I always drooled over the Challenger. For me though it was an out of reach car. Last August a 19 year old ran a stop sign and my Avenger ended up being totaled....

Her Name Is Red Velvet

In the beginning of 2010 I was deployed to Iraq. My life turned upside down when my wife at the time decided to check out of our relationship. I remarried and had a few children. My new wife has seen my struggles to climb back to the top after being low.

In February 2017 we celebrated 6...

Black Beauty HellCat

I started with a pitch black 2011 Challenger RT with the 6 speed Tremec !!! I had it 3 weeks and traded it for a sparkle black 2011 SRT 8 Challenger auto 5 speed !!! I went to the SRT Experience at Daytona and fell in love ️ with track days and went to 1 track day at Daytona, 1 track day at...

Frosted Donuts Thumbnail.png

Frosted Donuts: Daily Driven Dodge Challenger Frosted Donuts in 1st Gear HD 5.7l Hemi Borla ATAK

Check out the latest video from the Challenger of the Day YouTube channel. Snowy days in Rochester, NY bring out some fun times with this 2011 Dodge Challenger.


Majorette Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat

Majorette is really opening doors with their Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat! From the Realistic Headlights to the Taillights & Silver Dodge Lettering on the rear this Series 1 Challenger is a force to be reckoned with. Opening Doors!! Opening Doors!! I had to say it at least once for each...

2010 Dodge Challenger SRT

It is with great pleasure to bring you the latest Challenger of the Day story.

This is a story written and submitted by Laurie Trummer.

We bought a 2015 Dodge Challenger Shaker in June 2015. In July 2016 my husband took his truck in for hail damage repair to the...

Chasing My Dream Car for 30 Years

This next Challenger story is one that has been 30 years in the making. I hope you all enjoy this next story by Dave Lawrence and his dream that took 30 years to become a reality...

This is a story written by Dave Lawrence

In the early 1980s I chased a Hemi Orange...

CruiseHV Challenger Driver's Side View

It is with great pleasure to bring you this next Challenger of the Day story. Rich M. loves cars and the good memories they bring. He brings car lovers together from all over the car spectrum and is driven to make others smile. We've shared a lot of laughs and smiles together and I look forward...

Megatron392Hemi 1

Fast cars and Transformers! What's not to love. Any fan of Dodge Challengers have probably seen pictures on the internet of Sam's 2015 Dodge Challenger Scat Pack with the Hellcat conversion. This is one bad ride!

It is with great pleasure and we are super honored to feature...

Never In My Wildest Dreams

"I began to want something more...something less girlie...something cool, something tough and strong, something mean….something...FAST."

Please enjoy reading the story about our newest Challenger of the Day!


James Swift's 2009 Dodge Challenger R/T Deep Water Blue Pearl Metallic

It is with a great big smile on my face that I bring you the next Challenger of the Day! Just reading this story you can definitely tell how much this Challenger's owner loves his ride! I hope everyone enjoys reading this as much as I did.


Fin And The American Dream - Challenger of the Day

It is with great pleasure to introduce this week's Challenger of the Day! This is a story about how one couple was able to live the "American Dream" through their 2015 Dodge Challenger SXT. Please enjoy this Challenger story!

This is a story written by Natalie G.


2010 Dodge Challenger Wide Body

It is with great pleasure to introduce this week's Challenger of the Day. Richard Plantt is a very talented photographer and also a collector of die-cast cars. I have been admiring the photos that Richard shares on his social media pages and have developed a friendship with him over time. So I...

Nothing speeds up recovery better than a 2015 Challenger R/T Scat Pack

Every day brings new Challengers. At least that's how I heard it! And this Challenger of the Day is no different. Please enjoy reading about how this next Challenger helped Dan through his tough times and healing process.

This is a story written by Dan Oldham.

At the...

Kurt Busch Dodge Challenger Tribute

Nevermind the #2 on this diecast Dodge Challenger. Kurt Busch is definitely Number One! With a Daytona 500 win added to his All-star record there is only one word to describe Kurt Busch. Winner!

[Check out:...

2010 Challenger SRT8 Limited Edition

It is with great pleasure to bring you the very first Challenger of the Day post from our "What's Your Challenger Story" submissions. Please enjoy this Challenger story and the journey that Paul went through to get his 2010 Challenger SRT8 Limited Edition.


MB White Toyman DS

This Matchbox Dodge Challenger White Toyman is a blast from the past. The base has 1975 on it and I think the 'standard' yellow Toyman was released in the eighties. This rare white version was a mystery to me for a long time and I often see it referred to as 'The elusive rare white Toyman'. That...

Step Inside This M2 Ground Pounders 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T

This M2 Ground Pounders 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T is full of really cool features. Starting with real rubber tires on deep-dish rims, a painted base with silver and black detailed exhaust tips, silver painted door handles, fuel filler cap, turn signals with red & orange details front &...

Maisto 1970 Challenger RT DS

There's something special about every Dodge Challenger and there's something extra special about any gold Challenger. The color reminds me of the original 1970 Dodge Challengers and when I look at it I think about those old pictures, commercials and ads. A few Gold 1970 Challengers are still...

HW Drift Car Pearl Purple DS1.jpg

Even standing still today’s Dodge Challenger Drift Car really looks like it’s drifting! The pearlescent paint is more like a Ghost Pearl and changes shades as you move it in the light. Experiencing this kind of paint on a full-scale vehicle is usually jaw dropping. Seeing it in this 1/64th...

Hot Wheels '71 Dodge Challenger 440 Six-Pack With Shaker in Blue (1).JPG

Hot Wheels gets the checkered flag before it even leaves the box with this 1970 Dodge Challenger!

440 Six Pack, Shaker hood, Real rubber tires and an Awesome paint & decal combination help make this a Real jaw-dropper. Turn it over and it does not stop there with a detail painted metal...

Auto World 1970 Dodge Challenger RT 426 Hemi Shaker Plum Crazy (1).jpg

This Challenger of the Day is a very special Plum Crazy 1970 R/T with a 426 Hemi and Shaker hood. Like many, this is the Challenger of my dreams. Not sure where to begin...Every Challenger is special to me. Every scale, every detail, Everything Challenger for me!

Auto World's release...

Johnny Lightning 1970 Dodge Challenger RT 440 Magnum in Blue (1).JPG

Johnny Lightning's Celebrating Forty Years 1970 Dodge Challenger goes all out on the body details! Silver trim on the grille insert, front bumper, windows, sidelights, door handles, tail lights and front end just to get you started. The silver, black and red lettering is very finely detailed...

M2 by Castline Ground Pounders 1970 Dodge Challenger Blue (1).JPG

Today's Challenger of the day is a beautiful blue M2 By Castline Ground Pounders 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T Hemi with Blower. With these extra wide Goodyear Eagles on the rear you would not be so much pounding the road you as you would be painting it with black rubber stripes. The Detail on this...

Greenlight 2011 Dodge Challenger RT Classic Orange 2011-2012 Trade Show Car (1).JPG

When Dodge made the Challenger R/T Classic they really hit a home run. It's a beauty to see up close in full scale and in this 1:64 scale that is an AMAZING replica. This car takes most of it's body line cues from the original 1970 Challengers. The stock 5.7L Hemi V8 produces 375 Horsepower...

Johnny Lightning 1971 Dodge Challenger Convertible  (1).jpg

Today's Challenger of the Day is a very patriotic convertible from Johnny Lighting. Old Glory license plate seals the deal on this Red, White & Blue eye catcher. Die cast metal body and chassis give it a great feel when you hold it and a great Clank when you drop the hood. In a world...

Jada Big Time Muscle 1970 Dodge Challenger RT With Engine Blower (1).jpg

Todays Challenger of the Day is a Jada Toys Big Time Muscle 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T with Engine Blower. This car really emphasizes the Track in Road and Track (R/T). It looks like it is ready to launch down a drag strip or any straightway long enough to give it time to come to a stop. They...

1971 RT 426 Hemi GreenLight Hot Putsuit Series Green Machine (1).JPG

Today's Challenger is a 1971 RT with a 426 Hemi engine from the Greenlight Hot Pursuit series. This is the Extra Special Green Machine Chase Car (#40). Only about a hundred of these made, Also included in this set is a 1978 white Trans Am, the police car. Since there is no description of the...

Auto World 1973 Dodge Challenger Rallye Gold (1).JPG

Auto World's Vintage Muscle True 1:64 Scale Dodge Challenger made with new tooling is Awesome! I believe this is color Golden Haze Iridescent.

The link below shows the actual colors available for production of the Full scale model (courtesy of


Hot Wheels Dodge Challenger Drift Car Red (1).JPG

The only thing missing from these pictures is the truck carrying all the tires a Full scale car like this would burn through. Another job very well done by Hot Wheels.

Go Dodge! Go Mopar! Go Hot Wheels! Go Challenger!

Hot Wheels Dodge Challenger Drift Car Yellow (1).JPG

Picture yourself inside this one for real. Wheels spinning, like the Earth on axis, nothing can stop you now!

Go Hot Wheels, Go Dodge, Go Mopar, Go Challenger of the Day!

Every day brings new Challengers. At least that's how I heard it.

Johnny Lightning Green 340 Six Pack - Driver's Side View

Black Hood & air scoop to match rear trim.

Awesome Tire&Rims.

Looks fast from every angle.

Head on front view looks tough.


RLC Spectaflame Pink 2004 Bye Focal Twin V8 (1).JPG

Hot Wheels collector car. Bye-Focal Red Line Club.

Johhny Lightning 1997 New York Toy Fair (1).JPG

Today's Challenger is the Limited Edition Johnny Lightning 1997 New York Toy Fair. The Glittering New York Skyline. This is a limited edition piece and I had a hard time taking it out of the package to shoot the photos.

1 Badd Ride Dodge Challenger Purple 340 Six Pack (1).JPG

1 BADD RIDE is exactly what this is! ProMark Company Ltd. seems to take the appropriate stance that - if you're gonna build a Muscle Car you gotta build it with Muscle. Although it may not be an exact replica it is an awesome rendition of this classic Purple 340 Six Pack. The Power Bulge Hood...

1971 RT 426 Hemi Greenlight Hot Pursuit Series Challenger (1).jpg

Today's Challenger is a 1971 RT with a 426 Hemi engine from the Greenlight Hot Pursuit series. Also included in this set is a 1978 white Trans Am, the police car. Since there is no description of the Challenger on the package please let me fill in the blanks.

In 1971 there were a total of...

Rodger Dodger Fourth of July (1).jpg

Hot Wheels won't let you down this Independence Day!!

Happy Fourth of July!!! Support our Troops!!!!

1970 Dodge Challenger Hot Wheels 100% TA 340 Six Pack (1).JPG

Hot Wheels 100% 40th Anniversary Dodge Challenger Yellow T/A 340 Six Pack.

Description on box: "A response to the Mustang and Camaro, Dodge released the Challenger as its pony car. But the lithe body frame separated it from the competition. The design had been created back in 1965, with...

Greenlight 2006 Challenger Concept Car in Pink (1).JPG

Today’s Challenger of the day is a pink 2006 Concept car from the Greenlight, Muscle Car Garage, Stock and Custom series. Released in 2007, It is limited-edition number 2434 out of, well I’m not sure. I’m guessing 5000. Hard to find in this color, I’m also not sure the real car was available in...

St. Patrick's Day Funny Car by Hot Wheels (3).JPG

This Hot Wheels funny car is based on the early seventies Challengers. Funny cars are usually wider, longer and taller versions of the production car they are based on. The 2008 - 2012 Challenger has been called a larger, heavier version of the seventies Challenger. Funny cars were made of...

Rodger Dodger Gold Chrome Challenger (1).JPG

Is it a Challenger? Or is it a Charger. Let me set the record straight. The Rodger Dodger has been called a mixture of both. The body style for the 1970 Dodge Challenger was taken from an old sketch for the Charger. They never used the old design for the Charger, so it was still new when they...

1970 Dark Blue Metallic TA 340 Six Pack (1).JPG

Today's challenger is a 1998 release from Johnny lightning. On a little Johnny Lightning kick. The differences between this body style and the 1996 model I posted a few days ago are clearly apparent. This car looks just like the picture of the real one. There were only 2,399 real Challengers...

Richard Odie's 1971 Dodge Challenger RT340 Johnny Lightning (1).JPG

Today's Challenger is a great reproduction by Johnny Lightning. It is officially authorized by both Dodge and Cragar. It features real rubber tires with treads mounted on classic chrome Cragar five spoke mag rims. The 1971 RT was available with a number of engines including a 425 horsepower...

1970 Sublime Green Challenger

Today's Challenger is based on a 1970 in Sublime Green with a Shaker hood. This 1996 release is one of the first Challenger productions for the newest version of the Johnny Lightning Company. The previous owner, Topper Toys, was forced to close in 1971 due to business fraud. I point this out...