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It takes a positive mindset and a daily consistency to be Charger of the Day. Persistently creating and outputting a motivating feeling comes naturally to those who seek to embrace this road. Once you are driven to help others it becomes your own motivation and an abundant source of energy. Don't be fooled by his angry visage. Bryan Donaldson is a really good guy who would go out of his way to help you or someone else he never met! It is a great pleasure to introduce Bryan and Angry Grape Ape!!!

For as long as I could remember I have always wanted a muscle car. Ford Mustang, Chevy Corvette, and of course the Dodge Charger. Because of some very difficult situations, I was in a wreck in 2012 and messed my back up pretty bad, and was receiving disability from the VA for...


Patrick Ammons is a Car Guy's Car Guy who goes out if his way to promote the Positive side of car culture and share his enthusiasm. His Dodge Charger is truly an amazing one of a kind build! He shows it and competes in car shows and also shares great pics on his Facebook page including all the other cars he sees at the shows!!

I asked Patrick for a few words about his car and true to form he speaks about uniting car enthusiasts. It is no wonder he is a Top Rising Creator on Facebook. Listen to what he has to say and get to a car show in person or on his personal page. It is a great pleasure to share with you the First Dodge Charger Featured on!!!

Patrick Ammons: "...


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