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Hey, a little Challenger never hurt ‘nobody! I grew up in the Bronx in the ‘70's and Muscle Cars were all around me well into the ‘80’s. My older brother would take me to the bicycle shop so we could buy little cars picked out from the Matchbox and Hot Wheels displays. In time I took my younger brother to do the same. Cars of all sizes became very cool to me in their own way and on their own scale, especially Muscle Cars!

I started a blog and website in 2012 to showcase the die cast Challengers and the full scale Challengers they were based on. My dream was to take and post a picture of a Challenger every day and share some of the smiles that it brought to me with the world. My original goal has always been to make people smile. is a vehicle to make this happen.

Every day is a Challenger Convention for me. I love taking photos of full size cars and scaled down versions. I try to capture the essence of the cars I am photographing - no matter what size. I want to capture the joy I feel and share it. I want to make people as happy looking at the pictures as I am taking them.

I love life and appreciate how fortunate I am. I have been able to make a lot of people smile since I landed in the driver’s seat of my 2011 Dodge Challenger. I’ve also made some really great friends as a result of the Challenger connection to a shared passion. Not just a shared passion for Muscle Cars either but for the secret power they represent. The power to make people smile!

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Challenger Joe Featured In Mopar Magazine

Check out the article in Mopar Magazine, featuring Challenger Joe!

From Little Toys to Big Blocks

From Little Toys To Big Blogs
From Little Toys to Big Blocks
From Little Toys to Big Blocks

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What's Your Challenger Story? Everyday brings new Challengers and we want to feature your Challenger story on our blog! Think you have the NEXT Challenger of the Day?

Majorette Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat

Majorette is really opening doors with their Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat! From the Realistic Headlights to the Taillights & Silver Dodge Lettering on the rear this Series 1 Challenger is a force to be reckoned with. Opening Doors!! Opening Doors!! I had to say it at least once for each door. This and the striped version have been making my day since I received them.

Let me start right off with those opening doors with side...

2010 Dodge Challenger SRT

It is with great pleasure to bring you the latest Challenger of the Day story.

This is a story written and submitted by Laurie Trummer.

We bought a 2015 Dodge Challenger Shaker in June 2015. In July 2016 my husband took his truck in for hail damage repair to the Dodge dealership where we purchase our cars and he saw this purple Challenger SRT that caught his eye. He came home and made the mistake of showing me...

Chasing My Dream Car for 30 Years

This next Challenger story is one that has been 30 years in the making. I hope you all enjoy this next story by Dave Lawrence and his dream that took 30 years to become a reality...

This is a story written by Dave Lawrence

In the early 1980s I chased a Hemi Orange 1970 Challenger T/A. For years I tried to purchase it, but it never happened. I had other rare Mopars throughout the years including a 440-6 Superbird...


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