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The Beest Challenger of the Day

The Beest

It is a great pleasure to share with you the Featured Challenger of the Day: The Beest & Nita Wade!!! We love sharing smiles at and The Beest and Nita are both Smile Machines!!! Please Follow Nita at the links below the photos and Smile!!!

I bought The Beest 3.5 years ago. I had just purchased a beautiful brand new (but boring) Rav4, and for some reason started looking around for something a little more exciting. I'm a 63-year-old female, and fast cars, modified cars, racing is in my blood (genetically) but unlike my brother (who had a Viper and multiple Mopars his whole life), I never fully embraced it. Oh, I always modified my cars a bit, added the sports package in both brand-new Toyotas I bought, but that's about it. I was always sensible. Lol. When my brother heard I was looking for something, he immediately started hunting for a yellow Challenger because he knew I had a thing for yellow cars, and HE was a Mopar fanatic. I didn't really care one way or the other...Until I saw that car on the dealership website, and my whole life changed.

Since I bought that car, it went from being 'a beast' to him being The Beest. He became a living thing, and I started making little changes, which turned into huge changes. My vision for what The Beest would become has pretty much stayed consistent. I wanted him to be a car that, when he drove by you, you snapped your head and did a double take. If he pulled into a parking lot, folks walking by would stop and stare. If he went to a car show, people took notice. He's done all these things and so much more. The feeling I get when other car owners come over and start noticing all the little details, when they drool over how he sounds, gushing over this car I've poured my heart and soul into, is unbelievably rewarding. And the kids! To them this car is an immediate magnet. No, it's not a Camaro, but many still say 'Bumblebee' And gravitate to it... Wanting to touch it and get inside. And I let them. After all, it's still 'just a car'. Fingerprints wipe off, and if I can make their day by letting them sit in my driver seat? That car show was successful, and My day is complete. There's nothing better.

So, in a nutshell, this car is not just a car... He's an extension of me. He's allowed me to showcase my newly found passion for cars, and building a beautiful muscle car ALL can enjoy, in the process. But he's done so much more on a personal level. He's also helped me with my anxiety and introverted-ness. This car does not allow me to hide from the world...Stay behind my safe walls. He forces me to get out in public, talk to people, boast about him and all I (and my mechanic husband) have done to him. It's tough, and my heart rate still goes through the roof when I'm preparing for a car show or even taking him out in public, but as soon as he shines and starts pulling people in, that anxiety instantly melts.

I can't imagine what my life would be like, or what I'd be doing, if The Beest wasn't in it, honestly. Lol. I'm obsessed, as we all are, with these beautiful cars.

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