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This Awesome Cuda Tribute by Ruby Guerrero Workman is definitely a labor of love! Dedicated to her mom, Maria Romero Guerrero, it is a great modern rendition of the original Cuda. Now a word from the proud owner:

“This is my beautiful beast Rubyred. When I was a kid, my mom had a red ’71 Cuda and it’s what started my obsession with muscle cars! When my mom became ill with Cancer, I looked around for a Cuda I could restore but my budget wasn't great. I bought Rubyred and decided to do a total conversion Cuda kit for my mom. She passed away four months after I bought her. So it became a project in memory of her. I know she’s grinning ear to ear even though she never saw it completed. I'm still doing things to her but I love her to pieces. Even if don't win I hope people appreciate my love of muscle cars and the labor of love I took on!”

Ruby has a contagious passion for Challengers and is also the creator of the Facebook Group Dodge Challenger Owners & proud of it! ;). Check out the group and click here to connect with Ruby on Facebook and Instagram too!

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