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COTD Street Freak Tribute Challenger

Street Freak

Check out this amazing Tribute Challenger and story by Glenn Merrill! Street Freaks is a modern muscle car with direct ties to the original Street Freaks Road Runner. Glenn's Street Freak Challenger started as a concept drawing before being turned into a reality. This award-winning show car is also well at home on the street and the strip.

“The whole inspiration for doing the Street Freak theme goes way back to the 70's. Street Freak graphics are a tribute to a 69 Road Runner I used to own and race years ago. The first car to carry the design was a 69 Road Runner that Jeff Scozarro did at his paint shop Jeff's Place in California. It was done as a project for the car magazines and was the 1st car to go solo on the cover of Hot Rod magazine.The car then traded owners for a bit and was left in Salt Lake City at a salvage yard since it had blown an engine. My boss at the time and his brother (Howard and Wayne Field) purchased the car, put an engine in it and raced it for 10 years. I graduated college and went to GM as a designer working in the Camaro Studio for interiors (Best job of my life). When I came back out to Utah, I traded my snowmobiles for the Street Freak Road Runner and raced it out of St. George for a few years. Because of family issues, the car was sold and last seen in California.

I always wanted a Challenger with a shaker so when the opportunity arose, I got this one for a steal. I contacted Jeff Scozarro, who now goes by Von Dago, and got permission to do a tribute on my Challenger and permission to create a replica of the original. The Challenger has won many awards at car shows and I do a lot of charity events to help kids and animal shelters. I am also in the process of building a replica of the original Street Freak. The funding for my projects comes from car renderings that I do for clients and my best success has so far been word of mouth. Seeing people happy over the car design and my renderings makes my day!”. You can read about and see more of Glenn Merrill's Challenger and his artwork at


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