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AmericanMuscleChallenger Review MP Concepts Rear Louvers

AmericanMuscleChallenger Review: MP Concepts Rear Louvers

Forget everything you’ve ever heard about rear window louvers and listen up. These MP Concepts Matte Black Rear Window Louvers look amazing and add accenting angles that are striking!

When the original Challengers came out in 1970 the A44 Backlight Louver Group was not often chosen as an option. It made it harder to see out the rear window and sometimes even rattled a little. It was an exterior modification and not designed for performance. The altered body line actually created a decrease in aerodynamic lift as it disrupted the original air design flow. But an unintended consequence is more traction in a manner similar to ‘ground effects’ on Formula One cars. It also does a great job of keeping the interior cool and the sunshine out.

I look for modifications that have the biggest bang for the buck and add very little weight. This is the winning formula for me and these louvers make the grade at under one hundred fifty dollars and weighing only two pounds. They have always been on my want list. I wasn’t sure if I would like them in person and figured they are easy enough to remove if I didn’t. Now I’m not sure If I can take them off. They just look so amazing up close. I Love them! They make every photo look better too! The videos look better!! I never want to take them off!!!

They have a variety of rear window louvers available as well as everything else you need for your Challenger . The instructions could not have been easier and the installation took me about thirty minutes. There is a great installation video available for a walk through in addition to the printed instructions included. Thank you very much to my friends at for getting these out to me so quickly. I’ve been working with Challenger parts suppliers since 2011 and American Muscle Challenger is definitely the best place For All Things Challenger!

I’ve read a lot about these recently and heard all of the plus and minuses. Everything has pluses and minuses. For me the only minus is a slight reduction in visibility. Not so much an issue with side mirrors and a backup camera. Who’s looking back anyway? The thing I’ve noticed most since installing is how many people like the look too. They say: ’Wow, I’ve been thinking about that and now I’m ready’, ‘Those look Amazing’, and a lot of people ask ‘Where did you get those’?

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