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It is with great pleasure to bring you the latest Challenger of the Day, "Heavens to Betsy." Please enjoy the COTD story written by Joel Scarson

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Betsy is a Punisher

I used to have a Dodge Avenger. That was my dream car and I did some nice graphics on it. Everyone always complimented me on it, but I always drooled over the Challenger. For me though it was an out of reach car. Last August a 19 year old ran a stop sign and my Avenger ended up being totaled. For me it was just a car and no one was hurt, but still, she was my baby. The insurance company paid out for the car what I owed plus a nice amount more. Everyone kept telling me go for it, go get a Challenger, but I just didn't see how I could. If I was going to do it, it had to be white. I am a graphic designer and own Sick Genius Designs (.com) and knew what I could do with a white base to work on. So I searched and found a white 2010 Challenger for sale at a local dealership. Went and test drove it and fell in love ! The feeling, the power, the way she handled in the curves and lets not forget ... the way other guys looked at me while I was driving it, with the same expression I always had when I saw one. The dealer was great. He was able to get me in the car for less of a payment then I was making for the Avenger ! And that was that. I joined the ranks of Dodge Challenger Owners. Starting with a white car the graphics went on little by little. In June, 2017 we took 1st in class at the CNY Mopar Madness show. WE WON ! Total this year we have done 5 shows and trophied in 3 of them, proving that I know how to do graphics. Every day when I walk outside and see Betsy (that's her name) sitting in the driveway, I smile. No matter how bad work is she is there waiting for me after, and I smile. I met up with another Challenger owner and we decided to start our own group. Originally we were called Challenger Addicts of CNY, but have grown the group to over 200 members and decided it was time to expand. We have changed the name to CNY Mopar Muscle, based out of Syracuse NY we are open for all Challenger, Charger and classic Mopar Muscle owners and their spouses/significant others. It is hard to say what my Challenger means to me, but since I got her I have been going out and doing things like cruises and shows. I have made so many new friends that have become close like family. It really changed my life in so many good ways.

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