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It is with great pleasure to bring you the latest Challenger of the Day story, "Here Name Is Red Velvet." Please enjoy the COTD story written by Glenn Pitre Jr.

Her Name Is Red Velvet

Her Name Is Red Velvet

In the beginning of 2010 I was deployed to Iraq. My life turned upside down when my wife at the time decided to check out of our relationship. I remarried and had a few children. My new wife has seen my struggles to climb back to the top after being low.

In February 2017 we celebrated 6 years of marriage. In honor of all my hard work and dedication, she decided to surprise me with a trip to a local dealer, and what was sitting there.

This is the car I always dreamed of having no matter what trim. Redline red...R/T classic with 22,000 miles. Her name is red velvet. One because I love the cake, 2 because my license plate says ANT and it is the same color as the red velvet ant. People break their necks looking at her, and all I can do is thank my wife. I feel like they are seeing me when they look at this beautiful Challenger and all the success I've had after the nightmare I've experienced. Out of 650 colors built in this year, I have the only one in the surrounding cities. Veteran owned, veteran operated. Proud to be a dodge owner.

Additional Photos of Red Velvet

Check out the other photos of Glenn's 2012 Dodge Challenger R/T Classic Tricoat Pearl Redline Red

Her Name Is Red Velvet  #2
Her Name Is Red Velvet  #3
Her Name Is Red Velvet  #4
Her Name Is Red Velvet  #5
Her Name Is Red Velvet  #6
Her Name Is Red Velvet  #7
Her Name Is Red Velvet

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