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Frosted Donuts

Frosted Donuts: Daily Driven Dodge Challenger Frosted Donuts in 1st Gear HD 5.7l Hemi Borla ATAK

Check out the latest video from the Challenger of the Day YouTube channel. Snowy days in Rochester, NY bring out some fun times with this 2011 Dodge Challenger.

Watch the video below.

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Frosted Donuts: Daily Driven Dodge Challenger Frosted Donuts in 1st Gear HD 5.7l Hemi Borla ATAK

1st gear, slow wheel-spinning donuts. Trying to get as close to a Samsung Note5 on a tripod (facing blue sky) and Sony HDR cam on ground (facing Sun-Clouds). S8+ on dash. 1st time I forgot traction was on, 2nd time I almost took out the cameras with the front tire on (See 1:15)!!!👍😉 Full Speed HD looks faster from inside car!

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