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Check out this Custom Painted Challenger of the Day: "Bitchin Metallic Hot Pink Challenger". Please enjoy the COTD story & photos by Becky Parkin!!!


Bitchin Metallic Hot Pink Challenger

I was a Teenager when I first saw a Challenger and it was love at first sight. From that day on I had always wanted a Hot Pink Challenger. After my husband passed away I didn’t know what to do with myself and decided I wanted my Dream Car. From the moment I drove her I knew her name...Bitchin. It’s exactly how I feel every time I get behind the wheel. I had the body and wheels custom painted Metallic Hot Pink. Then the rear bumper hand painted with her name. She brings me pure joy. I love the looks, thumbs up, smiles and happiness people get when they see her. I’ve even had people chase me down just to get pictures. I love my Challenger RT

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Additional Photos of Becky's Bitchin Metallic Hot Pink Challenger

Check out the other photos of Becky's Bitchin Metallic Hot Pink Challenger

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