MB White Toyman DS

Blast from the Past with Matchbox White Toyman

This Matchbox Dodge Challenger White Toyman is a blast from the past. The base has 1975 on it and I think the 'standard' yellow Toyman was released in the eighties. This rare white version was a mystery to me for a long time and I often see it referred to as 'The elusive rare white Toyman'. That said there are much rarer versions of this awesome casting. It was released in 1992 as part of s 30 pack set available to Sam's Club members only. I have heard it was a giveaway but also that it was sold in the store. If you got one of these in '92 as a member please let me know!

With oversized rear tires and a straight & serious stance it is ready to set the pace. Center Line, Cragar, Crane Cams, Holley, Valvoline and others have clearly staked their claim on this Challenger. With a red interior, black textured roof, and even windshield wipers and rear view mirror details this overblown racer does not disappoint!

I must talk about the side pipes more. The detail and the base color stand out for me as the finest feature. Because the side pipes are attached to the metal base they too are metal and they add weight, authenticity and AWESOMENESS! Side pipes are just an old school touch that never should have gone out of style!

Additional Photos

Check out some of the other photos of this Matchbox White Toyman die cast. Truly a Blast from the Past!

MB White Toyman Box
MB White Toyman BV
MB White Toyman DSA2
MB White Toyman DSA
MB White Toyman DSCU
MB White Toyman FV
MB White Toyman Grp2
MB White Toyman Grp
MB White Toyman Mirror View
MB White Toyman PSA
MB White Toyman PS
MB White Toyman RVCU
MB White Toyman TV

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