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2010 Dodge Challenger Wide Body

Capturing The Beauty of Car Design Through Photography

It is with great pleasure to introduce this week's Challenger of the Day. Richard Plantt is a very talented photographer and also a collector of die-cast cars. I have been admiring the photos that Richard shares on his social media pages and have developed a friendship with him over time. So I asked him one day to submit one of his Challengers to Challenger of the Day and he definitely went above and beyond. Please enjoy reading his story.

This is a story written by Richard Plantt about his 2010 Dodge Challenger Wide Body

I love photography and I love collecting die-cast cars. By combining both of these hobbies, I try to capture the beauty of car design through my photos. I keep the backgrounds of my photos neutral - usually white; so that the focus is purely on the car. The beauty of line, shape, color and the personality of the car is what I try to bring out in my pictures.

One of my favorite castings (in my collection) is a 2010 Dodge Challenger Wide Body. I picked this up while on vacation in Virginia, a few years back now.

This casting was meticulously created with love by Auto World. Based on the available data, the model is extremely close to being exactly 1/64 the size of the real car. The length was off by less than half a scale inch. The model’s fidelity is not surprising; it’s based on the car that belongs to Tom Lowe, the CEO and founder of Round 2, which owns both the Auto World and True L.E. brands.

The Wide Body package comes from Classic Design Concepts Group 2 Challenger Package, designed to allow the use of tires up to 10 inches wide on the front and 12 inches wide on the rear. The package includes wide composite fenders, wide composite rear quarter panel extensions, fender well extensions, front spoiler canards, 20 X 10 inch front and 20 X 11.5-inch rear 3-Piece U.S. Wheel forged “Crossover” wheels and Z-Rated Pirelli P-Zero Rosso Tires, 275/40 i front and 315/35 in the rear. CDC says the result is a Challenger ready for the track or capable of some serious street performance.

~ Challenger Story by Richard Plantt

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Additional Photos

Check out some of the other photos of Richard's 2010 Dodge Challenger Wide Body 1:64 scale diecast.

2010 Dodge Challenger Wide Body
2010 Dodge Challenger Wide Body
2010 Dodge Challenger Wide Body
2010 Dodge Challenger Wide Body
2010 Dodge Challenger Wide Body
2010 Dodge Challenger Wide Body

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