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I am extremely Happy to share the latest Challenger of the Day, "Right As Rain". A Big Thank You to Shawn Brown for challenging me to reach higher. Please enjoy Shawn's COTD Photos & Story!!


Right As Rain

The story begins with a Mercedes E350 Coupe, believe it or not! I was looking for a new car, and found a used Mercedes E350 that was priced right, looked perfect, and was ready to buy. Unfortunately for them someone in sales just sold the car to their mother. Seriously? Okay. No more dealings with that dealership. Time to move on.

Over the years I have had many different makes and models of cars. But this one had to be my keeper. So I looked and test drove a lot of different cars. None of them really fit to what I wanted. Then one day, I saw a listing for a 2012 Challenger R/T from CarMax. It was the right color, it was the right engine, it was the right interior, and everything was right about it. It was sent from out of state, to the local CarMax dealership, and I test drove it. Everything was right as rain. The car picked me. It's hard to explain.

Now I KNOW it is right. I have had no problems at all over the last few years I have owned it. Recently, I was able to upgrade from the stock wheels to Hurst 223 Stunners in chrome. Going with a staggered setup with 20x10 with 295's in the rear and 20 x9 with 255's in the front. I love it!

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Additional Photos

Check out More of Shawn's Photos!

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