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Patrick Ammons is a Car Guy's Car Guy who goes out if his way to promote the Positive side of car culture and share his enthusiasm. His Dodge Charger is truly an amazing one of a kind build! He shows it and competes in car shows and also shares great pics on his Facebook page including all the other cars he sees at the shows!!

I asked Patrick for a few words about his car and true to form he speaks about uniting car enthusiasts. It is no wonder he is a Top Rising Creator on Facebook. Listen to what he has to say and get to a car show in person or on his personal page. It is a great pleasure to share with you the First Dodge Charger Featured on!!!

Patrick Ammons: "Something that I want others to know is that progress takes time. If you put in the hard work and time to better yourself you are able to accomplish anything you put your mind to. In the car community there are going to be people that try to put you down. They are going to look down on what you are doing and the moves that you are making. People need to know to ignore those people and continue what you are doing. The hard work and dedication will pay off in the end. Those same people that are putting you down will never be able to accomplish what you are doing. It's easy to get caught up on what people will say about you but remember to always press forward."

His Sponsors include: Magnaflow, Velgen Wheels, Power Stop Brakes, The Status Racing, Outlaw Hydrographics and Coastal Auto Restyling.

Check out the Build details below the photo gallery and make sure to Connect with Patrick and Twisted Hemi at the links below too!

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Performance Suspension

P1sc Procharger Supercharger

Procharger race intercooler

Procharger big red open blow off valve

Magna flow 3 inch competition series cat back exhaust

Air lift front and rear strut and bags with 3p management

Hydrodipped air tank

Driveshaft Shop one piece aluminum driveshaft

Hotchkis front and rear sway bars

Hp70 built transmission by Sipple’s Speed and Performance

PowerStop drilled and slotted rotors

Z26 carbon fiber ceramic brake pads

Per4mance Development rear diff brace

AAD performance billet rear toe arm links

AAD Performance billet upper control arms

AAD Performance billet trailing arms

BMR suspension rear strut tower brace

Tuned with HP Tuners

Walbro 400 fuel pump

Exterior Gloss Gemstone Amethyst Purple wrap

Vfmbx10 forged Velgen Wheels

Hellcat Redeye Hood

Lighting Trendz flow series halos, engine bay lights & grill lights

Downforce Solutions front half splitters, wickerbill & rear half splitters

Purple Brembo brakes

Scat pack badge with purple accent

Ikon Motorsports rear diffuser & carbon fiber front bumper molding

Tinted side markers & rear lights

Carbon fiber fog light covers

Status racing gtx racing seats with five point harness

Hydrograhic by Outlaw Hydrodipped harness bar

Carbon fiber steering wheel with purple stitching and purple 12 o’clock stripe

American Brother Designs oil catch can, PCV cover, baffle cover, throttle body cover, hood shock covers, throttle body cover, door pin locks, 392 oil cap & windshield wiper fluid cap & ac port cover

Family Customs carbon fiber firewall cover

Lloyd’s Mats custom plum crazy purple floor mats

Hydrodipped Interior dash , shifter bezel and rear cup holders

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