Angry Grape Ape

It takes a positive mindset and a daily consistency to be Charger of the Day. Persistently creating and outputting a motivating feeling comes naturally to those who seek to embrace this road. Once you are driven to help others it becomes your own motivation and an abundant source of energy. Don't be fooled by his angry visage. Bryan Donaldson is a really good guy who would go out of his way to help you or someone else he never met! It is a great pleasure to introduce Bryan and Angry Grape Ape!!!

For as long as I could remember I have always wanted a muscle car. Ford Mustang, Chevy Corvette, and of course the Dodge Charger. Because of some very difficult situations, I was in a wreck in 2012 and messed my back up pretty bad, and was receiving disability from the VA for injuries that occurred in the military. I was finally blessed with the opportunity to purchase one of my dream cars. It has been a blast and the community of Dodge owners is beyond amazing.

I came from the Jeep scene and that in itself is a whole culture. I am an advocate for Veterans when it come to Vet suicide, I am a suicide survivor, and I am a ministry leader for a Christ Centered 12 step recovery program called Celebrate Recovery. I am working towards a bachelor degree in Christian Ministries with the goal of becoming a pastor. I’m not famous or anything but because of the Grace of God and what he has done in my life I’m able to help others to find healing and hope in a hopeless world. I love to encourage others and help them with what I’ve been through in my life. I would have decals all over my car now to bring awareness but my wife won’t let me. She says the car is way more sexy without them.

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Please Help Support Veterans Today!!!


" At Mission 22, our commitment could not be more personal. Mission 22 was founded by Veterans. Most of our staff are Veterans, spouses of Veterans, or have immediate family members who have served in the US military.

We provide extensive, personalized support and resources to help Veterans and their families thrive. Mission 22’s programs for Veterans and military spouses offer everything from biometric monitoring of stress, sleep, and activity levels; to meditation and coaching; to exercise programs and a wellness supplement regimen; to books and learning resources to help Veterans put their experience in context.

Veterans make our society stronger. They deserve a community worthy of all they have given, and all they will yet achieve. We are proud to continue designing programs for Veterans and their families, and to welcome them into our community."

The Hero Company

"Many, many Veterans returned home with serious trauma from war. This Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) drastically changed their lives and way too many have taken their lives battling this force alone. With no VA funding for service animals, many Veterans just cannot afford the cost of the trained dogs that they need.

With this in mind, we launched The Hero Company to fund service and companion animals for these Veterans suffering with PTSD at ZERO cost to them. It is our way of fighting for our Heroes here at home. To date, we have raised over $500,000 dollars and will continue as we march towards our goal of $10 Million raised for Veterans in need"

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Patrick Ammons is a Car Guy's Car Guy who goes out if his way to promote the Positive side of car culture and share his enthusiasm. His Dodge Charger is truly an amazing one of a kind build! He shows it and competes in car shows and also shares great pics on his Facebook page including all the other cars he sees at the shows!!

I asked Patrick for a few words about his car and true to form he speaks about uniting car enthusiasts. It is no wonder he is a Top Rising Creator on Facebook. Listen to what he has to say and get to a car show in person or on his personal page. It is a great...

Swinger Edition Scat Pack Challenger

It takes the right combination of Excitement, Enthusiasm and Energy to be the quintessential Challenger of the Day. Stacy McNabb Griffin has that perfect mixture and with a muse like Clyde it is no wonder. Please read Stacy's story, check out her amazing photos of Clyde, and follow the Instagram Link at the bottom of the article!!!

Many thanks to Challenger Joe for featuring #ClydeGreenF8! Our quest for the perfect ride began last year at Camaro Fest in Maggie Valley, NC,...

The Beest Challenger of the Day

It is a great pleasure to share with you the Featured Challenger of the Day: The Beest & Nita Wade!!! We love sharing smiles at and The Beest and Nita are both Smile Machines!!! Please Follow Nita at the links below the photos and Smile!!!

I bought The Beest 3.5 years ago. I had just purchased a beautiful brand new (but boring) Rav4, and for some reason started looking around for something a little more exciting. I'm a 63-year-old female, and fast cars, modified cars, racing is in my blood (genetically) but unlike my brother (who had a Viper and...

Superman SRT3.jpeg

There is nothing mild mannered about the Superman SRT!

Scott Sonsalla’s 2012 Dodge Challenger is one powerful car. More powerful than a locomotive and faster than a speeding bullet too! Superman graphics and logos all around, with red LED’s and claw marks, really make this beast stand out. Let’s hear a few words from Scott:

“I am a car enthusiast. I have a great family and they are my priority in life. I do as much as I can myself with my car and my boys drive Mopars as well. We do a lot together between cleaning and working on our cars. It has been a great way to spend more...

rubyred _4.jpeg

This Awesome Cuda Tribute by Ruby Guerrero Workman is definitely a labor of love! Dedicated to her mom, Maria Romero Guerrero, it is a great modern rendition of the original Cuda. Now a word from the proud owner:

“This is my beautiful beast Rubyred. When I was a kid, my mom had a red ’71 Cuda and it’s what started my obsession with muscle cars! When my mom became ill with Cancer, I looked around for a Cuda I could restore but my budget wasn't great. I bought Rubyred and decided to do a total conversion Cuda kit for my mom. She passed away four months after I bought her. So it became...

COTD Street Freak Tribute Challenger

Check out this amazing Tribute Challenger and story by Glenn Merrill! Street Freaks is a modern muscle car with direct ties to the original Street Freaks Road Runner. Glenn's Street Freak Challenger started as a concept drawing before being turned into a reality. This award-winning show car is also well at home on the street and the strip.

“The whole inspiration for doing the Street Freak theme goes way back to the 70's. Street Freak graphics are a tribute to a 69 Road Runner I used to own and race years ago. The first car to carry the design was a 69 Road Runner that Jeff Scozarro...