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Jeep of the Day (Brought to you by the makers of Challenger of the Day)

Please look at some of our Challengers & Chargers while we get this Jeep in gear!! //



Swinger Edition Scat Pack Challenger

It takes the right combination of Excitement, Enthusiasm and Energy to be the quintessential Challenger of the Day. Stacy McNabb Griffin has that perfect mixture and with a muse like Clyde it is no wonder. Please read Stacy's story, check out her amazing photos of Clyde, and follow the Instagram Link at the bottom of the article!!!

Many thanks to...

The Beest Challenger of the Day

It is a great pleasure to share with you the Featured Challenger of the Day: The Beest & Nita Wade!!! We love sharing smiles at and The Beest and Nita are both Smile Machines!!! Please Follow Nita at the links below the photos and Smile!!!

I bought The Beest 3.5 years ago. I had just purchased a beautiful brand new (but boring) Rav4, and for some reason started looking around for something a little...

Far Out_31.jpg

There are about 300 billion stars in the Milky Way Galaxy and 4000 Solar Planetary Systems. Some stars shine brighter than others and Katsuya Tamaki's photographs are really out of this world. It is with Great Joy that I present these Far Out Challengers!!!

"I live in Nagano Prefecture, Japan, and there are many mountains around. So I'm doing some tuning so that I can drive comfortably on the mountain pass. In Japan, this car has been...


This sinisiter Challenger is an awesome build that was first contemplated back in the early seventies! Check out John Cimino's Scat Pack Shaker Story:


rubyred _4.jpeg

This Awesome Cuda Tribute by Ruby Guerrero Workman is definitely a labor of love! Dedicated to her mom, Maria Romero Guerrero, it is a great modern rendition of the original Cuda. Now a word from the proud owner:

“This is my beautiful beast Rubyred. When I was a kid, my mom had a red ’71 Cuda and it’s what started my obsession with muscle cars! When my mom became ill with Cancer, I looked around for a Cuda I could restore but my budget...